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The Armed Citizen Alliance (ACA) provides an avenue for ordinary citizens to practice, train, and become familiar with the use of concealed carry handguns and other personal defense firearms in an organized recreational context that simulates real-world situations. It has two core missions.

The first mission is to provide our overall concealed-carry and personal defense community and industry with an organization and a program to which personal-defense firearms customers can turn as their “first-contact” point for practice and familiarization. The ACA enables the entire concealed-carry community to be pro-active on the issue of practice, preparation, and training.

The second, and equally important mission, is to offer an attractive and easily accessible program to “draw in” new and inexperienced purchasers of concealed-carry & personal defense firearms to gain them familiarization with their personal & home defense firearms while having fun doing it.

There are many other national and state organizations promoting concealed carry. These are primarily political organizations, aimed at advancing the cause of concealed carry legislation. The ACA is the first and only national membership organization designed to promote actual hands-on practice, training, and recreational shooting with concealed carry and personal defense firearms within a structured context.

Individual ACA members will have full access to the ACA website which will include concealed-carry articles and recommendations, plus “Practice & Confidence Scenarios” that can be run at members’ own shooting venues or local clubs and ranges, plus contact information for all shooting ranges and gun clubs that offer ACA programs, plus links to providers of authorized concealed carry permit classes nationwide, plus links to other organizations and individuals who offer structured firearms training across the country. There will also be a website Forum for discussion of all things related to concealed-carry and personal & home defense preparation, practice, and readiness.

Annual individual ACA membership dues are only $25. Membership is available only to persons over the age of 18 who are legally qualified to possess firearms under the laws of the United States.

Gun clubs, shooting ranges, and other organizations are also invited to affiliate with ACA, and will be linked on the ACA website. 

ACA participating sponsors and partners will put an coupon in each product box, or make a downloadable coupon available on their website, entitling the product purchaser to a one-time free entry to any practice and safety training event held at any ACA affiliated shooting range or gun club, nationwide.

No money will change hands in this. Affiliated ACA shooting ranges and gun clubs will simply recognize these coupons as part of their own partnership with ACA. It will NOT be necessary for an individual to become an ACA member in order to participate in ACA events at local shooting ranges or gun clubs.

ACA affiliated shooting ranges and gun clubs will retain these coupons, which, when a specified number is accumulated for an individual ACA sponsor’s products, may be returned to the manufacturer by the range or gun club to receive a discount on a “range gun,” or other personal-defense product, which can then be used by the affiliated shooting range or gun club to further promote and expand the ACA program.

ACA is not a “competition shooting” organization, and it does not intend to recruit shooters away from existing USPSA, IDPA, or NRA competitor programs. It is instead directed toward the hundreds of thousands of people who buy, own, or carry handguns for defense, but seldom if ever practice, do not seek training, have never participated in competition events, and have never had any thought of doing so.

Such people typically have no interest in participating in USPSA, IDPA, or NRA matches because they see such events as having no relevance to them. They cannot use their concealed-carry handguns in such events. They are not interested in matching themselves against the established shooters in such events. They believe these events have overly complicated and complex rules. And they have no inclination to invest in the expensive and refined equipment needed to be competitive in such events.

ACA “Practice & Confidence” recreational events offer an appealing alternative, designed specifically so people can “Shoot what they actually carry; the way they actually carry it.” Only store-bought handguns of carry-concealed configuration are allowed. No special-configuration custom guns, no non-standard refinements.

The format and structure of ACA events themselves will be simple, safe, and fun. Basic and necessary forward-looking rules will provide for the inevitable desire of returning participants to expect growth and improvement as they become “captured” by the challenge--and the enjoyment--of developing personal defense abilities and confidence, and seek ways to “keep track of how well they’re doing.”

ACA produces an annual “National Armed Citizen Challenge” event (NAC2), which is a “Sports Fair for the Armed Citizen.” It is the such first event of its kind.

There will be vendor displays, demos, and hands-on product tryout opportunities offered by ACA sponsors, partners, and supporting manufacturers. Nationally-qualified instructors and trainers will provide courses in defense firearms use, and offer situational-awareness and mental-preparedness training. There will be on-site classes that can qualify participants for concealed carry licenses in any state with enabling legislation. There will be also be optional recreational events, and 12 individual NAC “Challenge” stages which any attendee may enter using their own concealed-carry firearms, with awards for outstanding individual performance to those who participate in all 12 stages. “Take the NAC Challenge.”


The Armed Citizen Alliance is a not-for-profit corporation chartered in the State of Illinois. Its primary purpose is to provide a national context for citizen practice and preparedness with concealed carry handguns and other personal defense and home defense firearms, and the production of the annual National Armed Citizen Challenge event (NAC2). It is governed by officers elected by its corporate Board of Directors. An Advisory Council of representatives from the firearms industry, other shooting sports organizations, and law-enforcement officers assists ACA Officers and Directors in making policy. All ACA dues revenues, sponsor contributions, and event proceeds go entirely to ACA administrative costs and ACA program production costs. ACA has no paid employees. All ACA Officers and Directors are volunteers.

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