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2013 Shot Show Photos & Pictures

Another year, another event already at our doorstep! As with every year, Firearms Industry News will be onsite both at the Media Day Event and the Main 2013 Shot Show at the Sands Exposition Center in Las Vegas. Keeping with the same schedule and pace as last year's Shot Show, we will be posting photos and video each day after the event closes on this page. Please see below for the different sections including photos of the latest firearms and guns released this year.

2013 shot show media day photos
2013 shot show handgun and pistol photos
2013 shot show 1911 releases
2013 shot show
2013 shot show targeting systems
2013 shot show misc photos

New 2013 Firearms Releases At The Event

Keep an eye out for exclusive coverage from the Media Day Event, as we will be aiming to bring you the newest firearms releases for 2013, and reports on how they fired and functioned. If there are any specific offerings you would like to make certain are covered, feel free to send a message through the contact form, or leave a comment below. Our staff photographer will be snapping away, and promise to bring you as much firearm eye candy as possible! We are anxious to get our hands on all of the latest rifle releases and handgun offerings available.

Live Shot Show Coverage

Each year the top manufacturers hold many of their new releases for the Shot Show Event. It is truly the who's who of the industry, with each name trying to go bigger and bolder than their competitors with their floor coverage and offerings. We at FIN are excited every first month of the year to have the opportunity to provide live shot show coverage and photos to fellow enthusiasts.