Noveske Switchblock System

novekse switchblock

It is a light weight, simple and durable gas block designed to regulate the increased flow of gas caused by use of a sound suppressor. The Switchblock is easily adjusted by rotating the selector drum located on the front, which will remain locked in position during operation of the firearm. The Switchblock is designed to be as simple to use as possible.

It is an extremely reliable feature which has proven to be easily understood, and proven by operators in many different adverse conditions. For many years, Novekse has been at the top of the AR platform in both new product developments and quality components. Although the name commands a premium price point, shooters can be confident that they will have an out of the box rifle or product that they can rely on in even the worst atmosphere.

We purchased and tested the Noveske Switchblock, and made certain that the Switchblock would LOCK in each setting. In order to accomplish this, the locking tab has to be pushed towards the muzzle, pushing it out of the detent, which then allows the switch to be turned. The Suppressed setting utilizes a second gas port which is sized smaller, set specifically for the gas system and barrel length. There is a different size port for every different barrel length and gas system. There is no adjustment for the end user, just pick normal, off, or suppressed, as needed. While there are many comparable offerings on the market, when see the Noveske roll mark, you know that the purchase will be of the highest quality.
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